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Growing leadership impact through coaching

As leaders we are facing extraordinary challenges.


How to deliver when established ways will no longer work?


How to manage complex problems through the virtual world? 

How to adapt our teams to a new normal? 

How to strategize in an unpredictable world? 

How to sustain ourselves at the boundaries of our resilience? 

How to lead through Covid-19 and beyond? 

In the midst of chaos there are still patterns. 

It is time to pause, plan and act strategically. 

Coaching provides challenge and support to grow your impact.


What is Coaching?

As an experienced Coach, I will work with you to find your best way to lead through. We will focus on the problems you need to address, the people you need to bring on board, the conflicts you need to resolve and the decisions you need to make for the outcomes you want to achieve. 

Coaching is intense. It is focused on you and how you can apply your unique strengths to deliver personal, organisational and societal change. It will give you structured opportunity to be clear about what you want to achieve, the obstacles in your way and how to lead through these. 

By the end of your coaching sessions, you will have realised solutions to your specific issues and goals, gained greater personal insight and identified some areas that you may continue to work on beyond the coaching arrangement

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Finding Your Solutions



Alongside my work as an Executive Coach, I continue to undertake a limited number of consulting assignments. I have a particular interest in:

Leadership Development

Supporting individual, team and organisational change

Enabling Collaboration

Board Effectiveness & Strategy

Facilitation of large-scale collaborative activity

Developing strategy, governance of organisations and delivery of purpose


"Highly skilled with a wealth of experience, Irene is a great coach. Her approach naturally balances both empathy and challenge. She is able to hold the tension between seeing, hearing and valuing a client while also promoting growth and development; Irene has much to offer in both public and private sectors, not to mention those invested in transformational change." 

About Me

Irene Hewitt

I have worked as a leader in the public and third sector in England, Northern Ireland and Ireland. For many years, I have specialised in leadership and organisation development. I have supported leaders to guide organisations through complex environments and act for personal and common good. I have enabled behaviour change through a range of approaches including large scale change activity, team development, leadership programmes and executive coaching. I have facilitated an extensive range of collaborative activities across sectors. 

My education and career experience inform my approach. Building on my background in social sciences, I have developed expertise in individual and organisational behaviour and impact. After three years as Executive Director of Human Resources with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, I led the Beeches Management Centre (now the HSC Leadership centre for Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland) as their Chief Executive for five years from 2003 - 2008. In January 2009, I created my own practice as an independent consultant working in the public and third sectors. I have also worked as a Senior Leadership Consultant with The King’s Fund, London.


I have designed and led numerous leadership programmes and worked with senior teams on their strategy development and Board level development. In a voluntary capacity, I served as a Trustee and Board Secretary of Action Cancer for five years. 

Outside of work, my family is very important to me. I am married and have two daughters, each living their own lives, whilst staying in touch. I cycle, I run, and I could be better at both. I have extremely itchy feet. Travelling keeps me energised – I am often wondering where next to explore. In 2018, I rode a motorbike around Rajasthan (with my husband on matching Royal Enfields). 

Underpinning Professional Qualifications and Networks 

– Member of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), 2020 

– Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, (AoEC), 2020 

– Managing a Future Search {Future Search Network), 2017 

– Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change, Tavistock Institute, 2016 

– The Art and Practice of Leadership Development, John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2008 

– Awarded Companionship, Institute of Healthcare Management, 2008 

– Certificate Professional Development, Coaching, Strathclyde University, 2007 

– Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2002 

– Qualified to use a range of Psychometric Instruments including MBTI, NHS LQF 360, Firo B, TKI etc.

About Me

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